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Brand: Dolce and Gabbana

Applicator: Spray

Status: One use.

Sealing: SI

Deteriorated: Tried once.

Deterioration Information

It has been tested once to check the good condition of the perfume. As shown in the photos.

Sicily by Dolce&Gabbana is a fragrance that captures the essence of femininity and elegance in every drop. It belongs to the refined Floral Aldehydic olfactory family, designed especially for women looking for a fragrance that reflects their sophistication and distinctive style. This captivating scent was introduced to the world in 2003, under the expert direction of perfumer Nathalie Lorson.

Top Notes: A Fresh and Bright Beginning First impressions of Sicily reveal a fresh and bright opening. Top notes include banana, honeysuckle, orange blossom, bergamot and aldehydes. This unique combination creates a sparkling and effervescent beginning, like a walk under the Sicilian sun.

Heart Notes: An Exquisite Floral Heart The heart of this fragrance is an exquisite floral bouquet. Heart notes include nutmeg, jasmine, hyacinth, hibiscus (hibiscus flower, cayenne) and rose. These floral notes add depth and complexity to the fragrance, creating an olfactory experience that is both refined and captivating.

Base Notes: A Warm and Sensual Base The culmination of Sicily is found in its base notes, which are composed of musk, sandalwood and heliotrope. These warm and sensual notes give the fragrance exceptional duration and an unforgettable trail. Sicily by Dolce&Gabbana becomes a companion that envelops the wearer with timeless elegance and irresistible sensuality.

In short, Sicily by Dolce&Gabbana is a fragrance that transcends time; It is an expression of elegance and distinction. From its fresh initial notes to its warm and sensual base, Sicily is an olfactory journey that evokes sophistication and femininity. This fragrance is a perfect choice for women looking for a refined and distinctive aroma that accompanies them throughout the day and makes them stand out with subtle sensuality and timeless elegance.

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