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Brand: Woods

Applicator: Splash, with pear atomizer included.

Status: New

Sealing: NO

Deteriorated: WITHOUT BOX

Deterioration Information

The item does not have a box, as it is in the photos.

Maderas de Oriente Cologne Extract, a scented masterpiece from Maderas de Oriente, is a fragrance found in the evocative Woody Floral Musk olfactory family, conceived especially for women who desire a rich and timeless olfactory experience. This iconic fragrance appeared on the perfume scene in 1918 and has continued to captivate the hearts of women throughout generations. The genius behind this fragrance is due to the talent of the perfumers at Maderas de Oriente.

Top Notes: A Luminous Beginning The first impressions of Maderas de Oriente Cologne Extract are a display of freshness and luminosity. The top notes are composed of neroli, bergamot and citrus. These initial notes give the fragrance a bright and invigorating start, like a soft breeze caressing the skin.

Heart Notes: An Enigmatic Floral Heart As the fragrance develops, the heart of Maderas de Oriente Cologne Extract reveals itself with an enigmatic beauty. At this level, we discover a floral heart composed of iris, carnation and jasmine. These heart notes add a fascinating depth and femininity, creating an olfactory experience that is both captivating and mysterious.

Base Notes: A Sensual and Warm Base The culmination of Eastern Woods is found in its base notes, where a palette of cumin, woody notes, amber, musk, vanilla and vetiver unfolds. These warm and sensual notes give the fragrance exceptional duration and an unforgettable trail. Maderas de Oriente Cologne Extract becomes a constant companion that envelops the wearer with a mysterious and seductive elegance.

In short, Maderas de Oriente Cologne Extract is more than a fragrance; It is an olfactory treasure that captures the essence of sophistication and mysterious beauty in every drop. From its luminous initial notes to its warm and sensual base, Maderas de Oriente is an olfactory journey that leaves a lasting impression. This fragrance is a symbol of elegance and timelessness that has stood the test of time and continues to be a preferred choice for women who seek to stand out with a touch of enigma and distinction.

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